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Uniform Policy

School Uniforms

Uniforms are not Required 

Our focus is on learning in a safe environment.
Official uniform colors are navy blue, white, black, and khaki​.

Girls and Boys:
Shirt or blouse with collar
T-shirt with Sun Terrace logo
Pants, shorts, capris, skirt, jumper or dress

Other colors, as well as jeans, tee shirts, and sweat pants are NOT considered the school uniform.

Special Days- Best dress or theme wear will be announced
Picture Day- School Uniform or best dress.

Clothing items not appropriate- Parents may be informed/contacted:

·     Drawings or designs with skeletons, negative images(knives, guns, drugs, etc.), or slogans.
·     Pants-sagging and exposing the body; shorts, skirts, dresses above mid-thigh.
·     Tops- tank, see-through, halters or spaghetti straps.
·     Pajamas, swim wear, formal dresses (long), suits.
·     Shoes- high heels, flip flops, roller skates, skate shoes (open toed and sandals when on the playground). Tennis shoes are the best shoes for playground and PE.

Please have your child dressed appropriately for school.